The goal and mission of CrossFit ATX is to provide a fun and exciting health and wellness experience to all walks of life. We use a functional fitness methodology because of its way of improving fitness through a community environment. Also, by teaching clients correct movements life qualities can be improved dramatically. Injury prevention and rehabilitation are a major component of our we are. Let’s become as durable as possible so we can live the best life possible.

One of our major focuses is on kids. Kids from all works of life, not just athletes are welcome. It has been proven that kids’ overall well being, physically and mentally, improve with exercise. We provide a place where everyone feels welcome, is looked at as an equal and doesn’t need to be a 3-sport athlete to come to us

The same care goes to our adults as well. We want to help improve everyone; help you reach whatever goal you have. This is a place that can be a fun outlet from the chaos of life; many of our clients come to have that 1 hour to not have to worry about the million things they have to do and just focus on themselves.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Training for Life!
Together we can Perform better than yesterday!


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