Ben Smith

    How long have you been doing CrossFit?
    I have been doing CrossfFit since February 2012, so a little over six years.

    What drew you to CrossFit?
    I loved the community and the variety. Difficult skills to work towards also a major draw.

    Favorite movement:
    Power clean, no contest.

    Favorite WOD:

    Your background:
    Coaching Background – Coached athletes in my garage, decided to start coaching at an affiliate (CHG!) in Summer 2015
    Athletic Background – Sporadic intramural sports through high school, Sailing team (yes there was training for that) at RIT, then stuck with CrossFit ever since.

    CrossFit Level-1 Trainer
    CrossFit Strongman

    An unknown fact about yourself:
    Playing music keeps me sane. I play violin best, but also guitar, keyboard, and harmonica.