Jess Tuck

    How long have you been doing CrossFit?
    My first CrossFit workout was in 2013 (Fight Gone Bad) and after many years of following a bodybuilding type program, I was hooked on CrossFit. I still enjoy the occasional bro sesh.

    What drew you to CrossFit?
    Coming from an uber-competitve background, I loved the idea of testing my physical abilities while at the same time exposing my strengths and weaknesses. The workouts motivated me to want to become the best version of myself and to try to kill it on the local competition scene. Also, the CrossFit community is like nothing else and the energy during the workout makes you want to push yourself that much harder.

    Favorite movement?
    Clean and Jerk & Handstand Push Ups

    Favorite WOD:

    I have a Psychology degree from SUNY Oswego and have found that it comes in handy when teaching the fitness and working clients – this is a physical AND mental sport! The ability to empathize with your members and help them achieve their “why” is what differentiates good coaches from great coaches. I played soccer, basketball and lacrosse in high school, dabbled with running after college and finally found bodybuilding and eventually CrossFit in my mid-twenties. I have 3 pups: a chihuahua (Benicio del Taco), a rat terrier/dachshund (Nora) and a pointer mix (Lodi). I recently got married in August of this year and enjoy spending time with the wifey traveling and exploring.

    CrossFit Level 1 – Trainer

    Unknown Fact:
    I have twin sister who I love to compete in the CrossFit with and/or against.