Kate Black

    How long have you been doing CrossFit?
    I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years and I have been coaching CrossFit for 3 years.

    What drew you to CrossFit?
    As an athlete growing up, I was looking to channel my competitive drive after college. I started following the CrossFit Games in 2012 and decided to try CrossFit in 2013. At the end of my first class, I was hooked on the feeling of accomplishment after completing a tough WOD. Furthermore, the sense of camaraderie experienced in the CrossFit community is unparalleled. As I learned more about the philosophy, community, and movements, CrossFit easily became something I aligned to in all aspects of my life.

    Favorite movement:

    Favorite WOD:
    WOD under 3 minutes, Grace
    WOD over 3 minutes, DT

    Your background:
    I have been a Rochester, NY native for 10+ years. After growing up in Waterloo, NY, I attended St. John Fisher College (SJFC) and obtained my BS/MBA. Upon graduation from SJFC, I began working at Xerox Corporation and have been there for 5+ years. External to Xerox and Athletix, I thoroughly believe in giving back to the greater Rochester community and serve on the following boards: ABVI/Goodwill Emerging Leaders, Girls on the Run of Greater Rochester, and Valley Creek Condominiums Homeowner Association.

    CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

    An unknown fact about yourself:

    I took a selfie with President Obama before ‘selfie’ became an official word in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.